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Purge+Pressurization Systems
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Purge and Pressurization is the only technology that meets the demand for general-purpose equipment with standard IP65 enclosures inside hazardous locations by purging instrument air into marshalling cabinets/panels.

Purge and pressurization systems designed according to ATEX direction 94/9/EG, NFPA 496, and ISA 12.4 standards. Another benefit of purging and pressurization is use of the standard Type 4/12 enclosure as the protected enclosure. This saves money, weight, and space over explosion-proof methods.

• Reduces Heat Build up
• Inhibits Metal Corrosion
• Requires Low Maintenance
• Increases Equipment Longevity
• No Special Enclosures Required
• Allows Fast Access to Equipment
• Reduces Moisture & Dust Build up
• Reduces Classification Within the Enclosure
• Continuous System Status Indication
• Protects Enclosures up to 450 ft3
• Allows use of any Enclosure Shape
• Cost of Protection per ft3 Decreases With Enclosure Size

• Contains Moving Parts
• Requires Instrument Air Supply
• Some Systems Require Electronics
• Hot Permits Required

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